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Top Hat (1935)

Top Hat is a movie starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Edward Everett Horton. An American dancer comes to Britain and falls for a model whom he initially annoyed, but she mistakes him for his goofy producer.

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The Synopsis for Top Hat (1935) 720p

Showman Jerry Travers is working for producer Horace Hardwick in London. Jerry demonstrates his new dance steps late one night in Horace's hotel, much to the annoyance of sleeping Dale Tremont below. She goes upstairs to complain and the two are immediately attracted to each other. Complications arise when Dale mistakes Jerry for Horace.

The Director and Players for Top Hat (1935) 720p

[Director]Mark Sandrich
[Role:]Fred Astaire
[Role:]Edward Everett Horton
[Role:]Erik Rhodes
[Role:]Ginger Rogers

The Reviews for Top Hat (1935) 720p

As light as the feathers on Ginger's dress...Reviewed byNeil DoyleVote: 8/10

If you're a fan of FRED ASTAIRE and GINGER ROGERS and their predictable screwball comedies of the '30s, you'll find this one is easy to take. First of all, the score by Irving Berlin has a variety of catchy tunes although I can't say it's his greatest, and all of the mistaken identity plot is performed with such grace by the famous dancing duo and their marvelous supporting cast that it's all as light as the feathers on Ginger's "Cheek to Cheek" dress.

Speaking of which--for me, the "Cheek to Cheek" number is worth watching just to see how skillful the two dance the number although fully aware that Astaire objected strenuously to Ginger's feathered dress. Nevertheless, it's the dancing highlight of the film, much better than the "Piccolino" number that is used for the finale.

Eric Blore and Erik Rhodes outdo themselves in great comic support. Blore we almost take for granted at this point, but Rhodes with his silly Italian accent is a scene-stealer too. His Bettini, the dressmaker, offers some of the heartiest chuckles.

Astaire is top flight here--graceful, athletic, and young enough to be seen as a dancing Cary Grant--and Ginger matches him every dancing step of the way. She's particularly delightful in the rainy park sequence for "Isn't It A Lovely Day?" And for the "Cheek to Cheek" sequence she has a braided hairdo that gives her an ultra-sophisticated, princess-like look. When she and Astaire dance, they can do no wrong.

He, of course, is more skillful with a song than she is, his voice perfectly able to deliver all the Irving Berlin numbers assigned to him, while she barely gets by with her rendition of the "Piccolino".

Great fun to watch--rainy day or not. And those art deco backgrounds for hotel rooms and Venice are a knockout. The pristine print of the film shown on TCM recently really made them stand out in glowing splendor.

Fred and Ginger at their very bestReviewed bydidi-5Vote: 7/10

"Top Hat" has everything to make a perfect musical - great leading stars in Astaire and Rogers, good character support from Edward Everett Horton, Helen Broderick, and Eric Blore, fabulous numbers ("Top Hat, White Tie and Tails", "Isn't it a Lovely Day", "The Picolina", and "Cheek to Cheek"), an hilarious plot of mistaken identity, and breathtaking designs which transport you into a Hollywood fantasy of Venice. This was the stars' greatest teaming and the film packs a great deal of energy, fun, and sex all these years later. A true musical classic and one of RKO's finest.

At times feathery, and at times very witty.Reviewed bymovibuf1962Vote: 7/10

I'm experiencing something of an epiphany regarding this film. I've loved musicals- and just about any musical featuring Fred Astaire- for most of my life. With that said, this film used to frustrate me to no end because of its wafer-thin plot of mistaken identity. When I first reviewed it, I couldn't get past the plot- as if the plot should have carried the day. That was major impatience and intolerance on my part. Thanks to repeated showings of this one (as well as the entire RKO series) on TCM, I have recently viewed this again and allowed myself to just indulge. Indulge in the marvelous banter that Astaire and Ginger Rogers have- even when he's supposed to be annoying her in their first meetings. Quips that include, "Buy yourself a new hat," "I prefer being in distress," and perhaps my favorite line when Rogers- asking Astaire about the female pedigree of the horse he's driving- inquires with, "who was his dam?" he retorts with, "I don't know miss, he didn't give a d--!!"

That is brilliant scripting, especially for an otherwise G-rated film.

So even as he politely annoys her in their first exchanges, it's obvious that she's quite intrigued by him. And when they later dance in a gazebo in a glorious rainstorm as strangers who begin to fall in love, we fall in love right along with them. But then there is that 'mistaken identity' thing that goes on for the entirety of the film. And usually it's here that I write off the film- but if I did that then I could not acknowledge the brilliance of 'best friend' Helen Broderick- who, as the third member of this alleged triangle, tosses off some of the best dead-pan punchlines in the film. I could not acknowledge the two Eric(k)s- Blore and Rhodes, who make the roles of frustrated valet and would-be rogue absolutely hilarious. And I could definitely not acknowledge the stunning Irving Berlin music and routines, from the "Top Hat" shooting gallery of chorus boys to the sublime elegance of the feather-swathed "Cheek to Cheek" pas-de-deux. In retrospect, I can't get too worked up about the plot of this film, because it was 1935 and the middle of the Depression. Most films were light and decidedly cheeky during this sad period in history. If this film prompted some of the team's best box-office receipts in their 10-film history- and went on to garner an Oscar nomination as best picture- it must've been doing something right. I still prefer the plots of other A-R stories (like "Swing Time" or even "Shall We Dance") a bit more, but, as a poster before me stated, I should acknowledge that in terms of the mistaken identity formula, it's quite brilliant.

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