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The Intruders (2015)

The Intruders is a movie starring Miranda Cosgrove, Donal Logue, and Austin Butler. After the traumatic loss of her mother, a teenaged girl tries to uncover the dark secrets behind her new home, in spite of her father's disbelief.

IMDB: 4.61 Likes

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  • Run Time: 92
  • IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 
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The Synopsis for The Intruders (2015) 720p

The disturbed twenty year-old Rose Halshford moves with her father, the architect Jerry Halshford, to an old house after the loss of her mother. Soon Rose meets her next door neighbor Leila Markby and she learns about the tragic disappearance of the teenager Rachel that was sheltered by the previous owner of her house, Cheri Garrison and her son Marcus. Rose suspects of Leila's father Howard Markby and she also learns that he had been the prime suspect of the police but proved his innocence. Rose overhears noises in the house but her father believes she is still traumatized by the loss of her mother. Rose also dates the constructor Noah Henry that is refurbishing the house. When strange events happen in the house, Jerry believes Rose is the responsible. Is his daughter really paranoid?

The Director and Players for The Intruders (2015) 720p

[Director]Adam Massey
[Role:]Miranda Cosgrove
[Role:]Donal Logue
[Role:]Austin Butler
[Role:]Tom Sizemore

The Reviews for The Intruders (2015) 720p

The intruders movie is FantasticReviewed bykitcarsonhammVote: 10/10

I love this movie with sweetheart Miranda Cosgrove they all this a fantastic job casts Miranda Cosgrove Donal Logue Adam Massey I hope i see a sequel to the intruders movie I love Miranda Cosgrove in this movie her acting was so good I will watch this movie 15 time days if I could i love Miranda Cosgrove in this movie I give it A+, i hope it sell really good for a sequel for the intruders movie,i hope I see more movie starring Miranda Cosgrove in it like this one, I love her in one scene just wearing a towel love that scene BTW there is no spoiler about the movie I love this movie i really love this scary movie love the ending on it I hope there is a sequel to the intruders movie call the intruders 2: the return of the intruders

The IntrudersReviewed byArgemalucoVote: 5/10

Like many other "Disney actors" (or Nickelodeon, in this case), Miranda Cosgrove decided to initiate the "serious" phase of her career with a horror film. That strategy worked very well for... for... mmh... let me think... there must be someone. Well, after all, that doesn't have much importance, because The Intruders barely qualifies as a horror film. Sure, we have the clichés of haunted houses and vindictive ghosts, but Jason Juravic's screenplay and Adam Massey's direction are so insipid and listless that they couldn't evoke any excitement on the spectator. And the least I say about the "big revelation", the better; it truly makes no sense. Among the few positive things I can say about The Intruders, Cosgrove managed to bring a competent performance, despite having had to work with such a poorly written character. I hope she will find more substantial projects in the future. Ryan Gosling! The strategy I mentioned on the beginning of this review worked for him; he started his career as a "mouseketeer", he ventured into light horror (Frankenstein & Me), and he later became a prestigious actor. Good luck, Cosgrove.

Miranda Cosgrove In HorrorReviewed bybyson5186Vote: 10/10

Everybody who knows Miranda Cosgrove, remembers her mostly from her Nickelodeon shows: Drake & Josh and ICarly. I really liked watching Drake and Josh. I didn't like ICarly that much, it was too cheesy of a show. I also can only think of two movies I've seen with Miranda Cosgrove in which are School Of Rock, and Yours Mine and Ours. However, I felt like Miranda Cosgrove did better in this role. Rather then play a comical character, she has a more serious role in The Intruders which I felt she looked better in.

I got this movie from RedBox a couple of days ago. Anybody who gets movies from RedBox, knows there are a lot of movies on the screen which are movies you haven't heard of. Obviously, not movies that came out in the movie theaters. They seem like more of their own independent movies from a movie studio we are not familiar with and frequently filmed in Canada. Some of these independent films actually are good. My favorite movie which I also got from RedBox and also left a review on is called Junior High Spy. Some of the independent movies also aren't well done, which might be our expectation from them. However, this movie was great. Miranda Cosgrove is also a well-known actress and had the main role in this independent film.

What was great about this movie. It was a fun horror movie to watch. A movie that will keep you scared, but not like too scared that will make you afraid to be alone in a room. This movie shows how a girl feels about recent stressors in her life, which some people believe are the reason she is claiming to experience the Supernatural. She shows a lot of emotion, and real character. Also, I remember her as the annoying sister in Drake and Josh who pranks her brothers throughout the series, and seems to get away with everything. In this movie, we see her as more of a victim.

If you're up for a horror movie, then I'd recommend getting this. I personally loved it, and I like the feelings you get when watching a movie you find very entertaining and don't know what to expect. I also have to say that unless you're watching a matinée at the movie theaters, watching movies seems much more fun at night than during the day. This is a great movie to watch at night. It entertained me enough to give it a 10/10.

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