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The Dark Horse (2014) 1080p

A brilliant but troubled New Zealand chess champion finds purpose by teaching underprivileged children about the rules of chess and life.

IMDB: 7.51 Likes

  • Genre: Biography | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 124
  • IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 
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The Synopsis for The Dark Horse (2014) 1080p

A brilliant but troubled New Zealand chess champion finds purpose by teaching underprivileged children about the rules of chess and life.

The Director and Players for The Dark Horse (2014) 1080p

[Director]James Napier Robertson
[Role:]James Rolleston
[Role:]Cliff Curtis
[Role:]Kirk Torrance

The Reviews for The Dark Horse (2014) 1080p

A quiet masterpiece of storytellingReviewed byMark BellamyVote: 9/10

Behind the beautiful cinematography, engaging and detailed performances, and deftly-paced editing is a master work of a screenplay. A wholly empathetic protagonist, with his wellbeing so delicately balanced, bombarded by obstacles. The stakes continue to rise, the subplots interweave seamlessly, with the whole story building to a perfectly weighted, moving, climax.

Once filmmakers could be just "good" or "interesting" and pull a crowd to the cinema to see their kitchen-sink dramas. The new Golden Age of television has put paid to that. We get great storytelling and interesting ideas pushing boundaries all the time, delivered on-call to our living rooms. if filmmakers are not making blockbusters, or special effect laden sensual experiences, then the stories must be wonderful and totally captivating to get a crowd in the car and front up with the ticket price. There's no place to hide...

This film is a great reminder of why there is still a place at the cinema for a low budget, domestic drama, they just need to be this good!

36 y/o male and in tears the whole movie!Reviewed bychristopherRclarkeVote: 9/10

Spectacular. What can I say. I saw this film yesterday and I am still emotionally changed by it. Cliff Curtis' portrayal of the main character Genesis is incredible. Every facial movement, gaze and words contain such intent and delivery that it makes you imagine or see what is going on in his mind. The opening scene is stunning directing and DOP work and creates the mood for the entire film.

James Rolleston as Mana is excellent. Very powerful delivery and believable. Same can be said for Wayne Hapi who plays Mana's father Ariki. Kirk Torrance as Noble and the rest of the cast is great.

I also felt a close connection to this film because I grew up in a small town in Australia with people similar to the roles portrayed in this film so I can relate.

Great work, I will see again very soon and can't wait to own it when it is released.

Stunning movieReviewed byp-scaddenVote: 9/10

I had some trepidation about it - mental illness and some Maori themes had been explored in excellent "The Insatiable Moon" - and the opening with film-effects rain didn't inspire.

However, a little further in and the film grabbed you by the throat and didn't let go. There are some very intense scenes and some things that are hard to watch though the violence is mostly off-screen. Chris Curtis delivers a truly stunning Genesis - an acting tour-de-force that just has to be seen. Telling his history to Mana up on the monument was a sight to behold - as well as his occasional slips out of the sane world. I know a few bipolars and it was very convincing.

While Curtis carries much of the film, he is very well supported by James Rolleston who has grown up since "Boy", Kirk Torrence, Hapi and the ensemble of kids. Te Hira's malevolence is also important to the script.

The script was brilliant. I thought Mana's attraction to Genesis was a little under-written but everything else came together in a very satisfying way. The linking of chess to warrior tradition and identification with family/tribe was inspired. I wonder if the real Genesis did this - it was certainly convincing as a way to touch these kids. Some excellent sets.

All in all, not one to be missed. The setting and culture are obviously very familiar to NZers, but I cant see why overseas audiences wouldn't enjoy it. The themes are pretty universal.

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