Lean on Pete (2018) 1080p YIFY Movie

Lean on Pete (2018) 1080p

A teenager gets a summer job working for a horse trainer and befriends the fading racehorse, Lean on Pete.

IMDB: 7.44 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 119
  • IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 33

The Synopsis for Lean on Pete (2018) 1080p

The film follows fifteen-year-old Charley Thompson. He wants a home, food on the table and a high school he can attend for more than part of the year. As the son of a single father working in warehouses across the Pacific Northwest, stability is hard to find. Hoping for a new start they move to Portland, Oregon where Charley takes a summer job, with a washed-up horse trainer, and befriends a failing racehorse named Lean on Pete.

The Director and Players for Lean on Pete (2018) 1080p

[Director]Andrew Haigh
[Role:]Steve Zahn
[Role:]Steve Buscemi
[Role:]Travis Fimmel

The Reviews for Lean on Pete (2018) 1080p

Haigh's Melancholy Horse Drama Mostly DeliversReviewed bybastille-852-731547Vote: 7/10

This drama from Andrew Haigh about an adolescent boy caring for a quarter horse may be paced slowly, but its unique sense of melancholy slowly creeps up on the viewer. The film uses a mix of thoughtful but down-to-earth dialogue and stunning shots of the American West to immerse the viewer in its world. These two elements manage to coexist quite well in the film. I was impressed by the quality of the acting in the film, as Haigh wisely directs his cast to choose a deep-seated and authentic sense of realism over sentimental value in their performances. The film moves at a leisurely but commendable and never tedious pace. Its tone is often quite dark at times and its themes can be quite heavy, but patient viewers who stay with the film will be rewarded. It is important to understand that thankfully, such tone and themes never feel sentimental or sappy, which is all to the film's genuine benefit. The film's depiction of poorer and rural Americans in the West provides for thoughtful and compassionate social commentary in a manner similar to something like J.D. Vance's stunning memoir "Hillbilly Elegy." Haigh should be praised for ensuring that such depiction is never portrayed in a trivialized manner.

My main criticism of the film--and the key element that keeps it from greatness--is that the film often plays it too safe in its narrative and stylistic choices. While the movie never feels predictable and often feels gritty, a mild philosophical change in how the film could have been constructed could have made some scenes feel somewhat less derivative. That said, this is a well-made and well-acted drama. Recommended to those interested. 7/10

A Journey Through LifeReviewed bywestsideschlVote: 8/10

And you thought this was just about a horse. Well, it's about a 16 yr old who goes on a life journey facing many trials & tribulations which do strain credulity and probability. Except for the always positive endings for these type movies it is not close to being a Pollyannish Disney storyline. And to all the one star reviews yes horses die, dogs die, cats die, birds die and everything else including, astonishingly, people (Exception: Tardigrades don't die.). And, yes, young teens can handle this movie for it's many life lessons.

a boy and his burdensReviewed byDavid FergusonVote: 7/10

Greetings again from the darkness. Andrew Haigh's follow-up to his gut-wrenching 45 YEARS (2015) is "a boy and a horse" movie that is every bit as emotionally draining, and secures his spot as one of the best filmmakers at bringing characters we thoroughly believe to the screen. It's based on the novel by Willy Vlautin and could be described as coming-of-age, slice-of-life, or even a road movie. While it's each of these, it is also much more ... though I fear it is one of this year's indie gems that will likely slide between the cracks with far too few taking the time to experience it.

Charlie Plummer was most recently seen in ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD as Getty's kidnapped grandson. Here he stars as Charley, a 15 year old boy living a half-step from poverty with his caring, but unprepared single dad (Travis Fimmel). Charley goes for morning runs around town, and his polite mannerisms include effusive praising and expressing gratitude to his dad's mistress (Amy Seimitz) for cooking a full breakfast - a rare treat for this growing teenager. Charley stumbles into part time work with has-been horse trainer Del (Steve Buscemi), a man whose career, health and demeanor have all seen better days. Horse trainer in this context is far removed from the glamour of the Kentucky Derby. Del works his horses hard for meager winnings on the county fair circuit, and when their time is up, the horses are shipped to Mexico for 'processing'.

Charley and Del form a bond based on Del's cheapness and Charley's work ethic and love of the horses. When tragedy strikes, the movie shifts to a road trip vibe, with Bonnie (Chloe Sevigny) joining on as a jockey. The three are a quasi-family but mostly they are each just trying to get along in a life that isn't always kind. When Charley ignores Bonnie's advice to not get too attached to the horses, he and the titular Pete are soon trudging across the backcountry.

Charley's life on the streets provides many life lessons, but not much joy. He crosses paths with an initially friendly addict named Silver (Steve Zahn), and along the trip, his childhood memories provide some hope - especially as related to Aunt Margy (Alison Elliott). These all feel like real folks that we could meet at any time. Some are helpful, yet the biggest life lesson of all comes roaring through these mostly quiet scenes - people care most about themselves.

This most certainly isn't a Disney-style horse movie like DREAMER, and in fact, it's much less a horse story than it is Charley's story. The core message seems to be that no matter how gentle one's soul, human nature adapts in times of desperation. It's pure cinematic pleasure to have both Mr. Buscemi and Ms. Sevigny in the same film, but the shining light here is Charlie Plummer. With little dialogue, he conveys so much about what he is thinking and feeling. His desire is to have some stability - someone or something that he can depend on. It's the security many of us take for granted. Cinematographer Magnus Nordenhof Jonck (A WAR, 2015) beautifully captures the endless Pacific Northwest landscapes, while also managing the intimate and thoughtful moments. Mr. Haigh's two most recent films add him to my must-see list ... I just wish there were more who would find pleasure in his displays of lack of joy.

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