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Faith of Our Fathers (2015)

Two men embark on a trip to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial guided by the letters their fathers wrote while serving in the war.

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The Synopsis for Faith of Our Fathers (2015) 720p

With the Vietnam War raging in 1969, two young fathers report for duty. A man of great faith and a doubtful cynic. A quarter-century later, their sons, Wayne and John Paul (David A.R. White and Kevin Downes), meet as strangers. Guided by handwritten letters from their fathers from the battlefield, they embark on an unforgettable journey to The Wall-the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Along the way, they discover the devastation of war cannot break the love of a father for his son.

The Director and Players for Faith of Our Fathers (2015) 720p

[Director]Carey Scott
[Role:]David A.R. White
[Role:]Kevin Downes
[Role:]Stephen Baldwin

The Reviews for Faith of Our Fathers (2015) 720p

Reviewed byCleveMan66Vote: 5/10/10

Christian movies sometimes get a bad rap. Now, I'm not talking abouttheir theology. I'm talking about their quality, which has generallysignificantly improved in recent years. Many critics are quick todenigrate a faith-based film because of its overtly religious message,but they forget that every movie has a point of view. I believe thatmovies should be judged on their overall quality, not on how the personwriting about the movie feels about that film's particular perspective.If a film is written, directed, acted, shot and edited well and, mostimportantly, if the finished product as a whole is entertaining, thenthat movie deserves a good review. Of course, I also believe theopposite. So, regardless of whether I personally agree or disagree withthe film's message, I'm ready to practice what I preach in reviewing"Faith of Our Fathers" (PG-13, 1:45).

This film tells two parallel stories that unfold 28 years apart. InVietnam, in 1969, a squad of U.S. soldiers, including Bible-totingChristian Stephen George (Sean McGowan) and skeptic Eddie Adams (ScottWhyte), are led by battle-hardened Sergeant Mansfield (Stephen Baldwin)on a mission behind enemy lines to recover the crew of a downedaircraft. In the U.S., in 1997, Stephen's and Eddie's sons, John Paul(Kevin Downes, also the movie's co-writer), who lives in California,and Wayne (David A.R. White, another co-writer), who lives inMississippi, meet and go in search of answers about their fathers, bothof whom died in the war. (By the way, that's not a spoiler. It's thepremise of the movie.) John Paul (not named after either of the twopopes who used that name, but after three of the Beatles, since hislast name is George) is to be married in three weeks, but his fiancée(Candace Cameron Bure) encourages him to pursue the questions raised bythe discovery of his father's Vietnam War memorabilia. Starting withjust a name mentioned in one of his father's letters, John Paul findsWayne, the son of the man mentioned in the letter and travels toMississippi to meet and talk with him.

John Paul, like his father, is a clean-cut, strong Christian man. Wayneis a reclusive country boy who is more likely to shoot at an unwelcomedvisitor than invite him in. The one thing both men have in common is adesire for answers about their fathers. Wayne coerces John Paul (who,naturally, he calls "Ringo") into joining him on a road trip to findtheir fathers' names on the Vietnam War Memorial ("The Wall") inWashington D.C. Along the way, Wayne allows John Paul (for a fee) toread Wayne's fathers' letters to see what he can learn about his ownfather. The personalities of the two men clash, but we witness theirshared history draw them closer together, as we also see flashbacks oftheir fathers bond on the battlefield.

"Faith of Our Fathers" is a well-named film with a well-constructedstory. The movie appropriately honors the sacrifices of those who haveserved our nation in combat, while another prominent theme is the loveof fathers for their children. The two main plots each unfold logicallyand the editing of the film tells the story well. Unfortunately, mypraise for this film ends there. Some of the decisions the charactersmake and some of the things that happen to them either don't make senseor feel contrived. The acting in the scenes on the road trip isunconvincing and dialog that is meant to be funny is just silly. Theacting and the dialog are both a little better in the Vietnam scenes,but the scenery in those segments is decidedly low rent. There is adecent twist late in the movie that connects the two story lines, buteven that plot point feels like it's only there to serve the film'snot-too-subtle purpose. The Bible verses, talk of salvation and sinnersprayer make it obvious that this movie was made mainly to convincecasual Christians and non-believers to become born-again Christians.But regardless of whether you're up for a conversion message or not,"Faith of Our Fathers" features an engaging story, albeit one withsignificant deficiencies. "B-"

Reviewed bypetervoicuVote: 10/10/10

when i saw first time the movie, i was touched.The movie talks a lotabout Jesus and God and its not shy to underline how important it is tohave a relationship with Jesus.

the bad ratings of this movie are understandable, because all thatreviewed this movie, for sure do not care too much about God orChristian faith. so, this is a Christian movie, made for Christians orthose that symphatise with the Christian faith.

if you don't believe in Jesus, for sure this movie is not for you. thismovie is a reminder for us, Christians that the most important thingthat we have in a world that every day becomes more antagonizing to Godand especially to Christian faith, is our faith.That will get usthrough

Reviewed byCalifornia_Girl_2058Vote: 10/10/10

This CLEAN (no sex and no nudity) movie is about a couple of guys whosefathers served in the war and now, after years passed, an adult son(John) wants to know more about his father. Consequently, he (KevinDownes) goes to see Wayne (David A.R. White) to find out whatever hecan about his dad. Wayne and John end up going on a road trip togetherin search of answers. There are scenes where the film goes back totheir fathers in the war (NO bloody gore). Stephan Baldwin plays a mancalled Mansfield and I think Mansfield is their fathers' Sgt, in thewar. I can see where the writers were going in this sensitive, moving,and in my opinion SAFE for the whole family. I am a true believer inChrist Jesus, so I am not going to be critical about this movie, likemany hardening- hearts that gave this movie a low rating. I am a bigsupporter of movies written by my brothers in Christ. Note that my23-year old son used to work at a movie theater and there are lots ofchildren that go to the movies alone (being dropped off by theirparents) so in my opinion, this movie is safe for those kids.

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