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Double Whammy (2001)

Double Whammy is a movie starring Denis Leary, Elizabeth Hurley, and Luis Guzmán. A world-weary police detective who fails to stop a fast-food restaurant massacre struggles to regain his departmental reputation, public image and...

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The Synopsis for Double Whammy (2001) 720p

Ray Pluto is a detective with a problem due to the loss of his wife and daughter. One day, he is in a fast food place, and due to a pain in his back, he is not able to avoid a mass murderer of six people. A young boy uses his gun and kills the killer. He becomes a loser in the eyes of the police force and public opinion, and his partner convinces him to have a session with the chiropractor Dr. Ann Beamer. A complicated romance between them grows. Meanwhile, at least two other plots happen in the movie involving detective Pluto and other odd characters.

The Director and Players for Double Whammy (2001) 720p

[Director]Tom DiCillo
[Role:]Victor Argo
[Role:]Elizabeth Hurley
[Role:]Luis Guzman
[Role:]Denis Leary

The Reviews for Double Whammy (2001) 720p

Hey, it's that guy!Reviewed byaqua_swingVote: 4/10

Ah, Denis Leary movies. They're always up for either fun and silly (The Ref, Suicide Kings), the kind of movie to make you nauseous (Two if by sea, Operation Dumbo Drop), or completely unexpected (Final). When you mix all three of them you tend to think you're bound to get something good, but alas, you get disappointed. Here's where Double Whammy sets in. This is one of those kind of movies that has no plot and is filled with watchers saying "Hey, it's that guy!", and that's probably the most fun you get out of this one, save the occasional laugh where-be there are a bunch of things I've never seen in a movie before. But the rest of the movie was complete and utter boredom. It was like when you watch Quantum Leap and go "AUUUGH another lame part!", only this was the whole movie. Howabout I add in the fact that other than the main two characters, there was NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! The only reason it got two stars was because the chemistry between Hurley and Leary made me feel okay.

Well-done; entertaining filmReviewed bycaa821Vote: 8/10

Two of the most respected, famous, talented individuals in movie history - Jack Nicholson and the late Peter Sellers - have and had off-screen relationships, both professional and personal, at complete odds with their on-screen personas. In terms of his primary professional career - as a comedian - Denis Leary has a persona which can be described as harsh, earthy, laced with profanity, and with characteristics which often are vulgar. He's also very funny, but even those of us not averse to comedy with very adult language and demeanor can find some of his stuff off-putting on occasion. But on-screen, while he also presents some rough edges, in this film (as in "The Ref") he is likable, and is a also a competent actor (if not yet a "Sellers" or "Nicholson") who provides an engaging performance. In "The Ref," the splendid supporting performances by Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis, his neurotic hostages and later allies - along with the rest of the excellent cast - added to the film's enjoyment. In "Double Whammy" the beautiful and talented Elizabeth Hurley (Hugh Grant should have his head examined) and the other, supporting cast members, many recognizable for other capable performances, add to this film's enjoyment, as well.

But, back to comparison with Sellers and Nicholson, Leary is a man who in real life had been married to the same woman for nearly 25 years, half his entire life, who has significant charitable activity, who taught English (IN COLLEGE), and is as stable as these two were not - in reality.

We certainly can enjoy performances which don't reflect actors' personal/real lives (if this weren't so, movies and other entertainment media might die-out) - but it's interesting to recognize the virtues of someone like Leary, especially since, ironically, I've encountered people who eschew his movies because the don't care for his on-stage comedy persona. In this film, albeit's not being "The Maltese Falcon" or "Basic Instinct," and Leary not yet another Bogart or Michael Douglas, it still is well-cast, well-acted, and provides a competent mix of humor, action, romance, some surprises/plot twists, and drama, to provide an enjoyable hour-and-a-half spent, and rates a solid 8* (possibly even higher).

I actually watched something called Double WhammyReviewed bySandcoolerVote: 5/10

A movie that does not live up to it's title and is not the worst thing ever. It features Denis Leary as well, Denis Leary. It's a long shot, but this might be the last of the stream of inferior Tarantino rip-offs, only with virtually no cunning dialogues and not that much crime. The shifts between stories that meet at the end is a bit like "Pulp Fiction" but then again, the execution is too poor to really compare the two. Also featured is Elizabeth Hurley (who can't really act but no problem) as a chiropractor who joins Leary in a needlessly complicated love story. It's like, somewhere in the middle Leary remembers grieving about his wife. Steve Buscemi is in this, but he's in everything so I don't even need to mention that. Still, one can only wonder what made him appear this time, I mean he's like, Leary's sidekick, occasionally, he has about three lines. About the plot, the janitor of a cop's building gets himself nearly killed, and his daughter has something to with it (major early killing of subplot,what did Chick do in the end? Obviously he couldn't just let it slide). An unfunny subplot revolves about two movie writers including, and I wish this was a joke, a Cuba Gooding Jr. rip-off. The other one is the typical guy in the video store who really doesn't know anything about movies not featuring stoned people. Not the highlight of cinema, and barely amusing(the few good comments come from the underused Buscemi), but fairly enjoyable.

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