Das Boot (1981) 1080p YIFY Movie

Das Boot (1981) 1080p

The claustrophobic world of a WWII German U-boat; boredom, filth, and sheer terror.

IMDB: 8.411 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 149
  • IMDB Rating: 8.4/10 
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The Synopsis for Das Boot (1981) 1080p

It is 1942 and the German submarine fleet is heavily engaged in the so-called "Battle of the Atlantic" to harass and destroy British shipping. With better escorts of the destroyer class, however, German U-boats have begun to take heavy losses. "Das Boot" is the story of the crew of one such U-Boat, with the film examining how these submariners maintained their professionalism as soldiers and attempted to accomplish impossible missions, all the while attempting to understand and obey the ideology of the government under which they served.

The Director and Players for Das Boot (1981) 1080p

[Director]Wolfgang Petersen
[Role:]Klaus Wennemann
[Role:]Herbert Gr?nemeyer
[Role:]Jurgen Prochnow

The Reviews for Das Boot (1981) 1080p

One of My Top 5 Movies EVERReviewed byromac-2Vote: 10/10

I come from a family of submariners. My grandfather commanded a sub in the Pacific during WW2, and my dad went on to do nearly 30 years as crew and finally skipper in a nuke hunter/killer. So I kinda know the history of subs 1st hand. This movie pulls no punches and is stunningly accurate. It is a work of genius from one of the greatest directors of our time.

I must qualify that by saying PLEASE don't watch the dubbed English version. This film has to be seen in German with subtitles, and you absolutely have to see the director's cut. Three and a half hours of laughter, terror, claustrophobia, tenderness, and finally a sense of the futility of war. It's just brilliant.

Jürgen Prochnow has made some good films in his career, but he will never better this performance. He is the epitome of a sub captain. Steely, yet sensitive to his crew. Determined and sometimes rash, but always in control, and the love of his crew for him is clear throughout. Even I would follow him until the end!!

I kinda feel bad about praising Jürgen Prochnow so highly because, seriously, this is one of the few movies I've seen where EVERY member of the cast is just perfect. All credit to the casting people. You would not change anyone. Bernd Tauber as the Chief is just awesome. Erwin Leder as Johann is just so right, and Herbert Gr?nemeyer as the raw reporter who grows up is amazing.

This film should be up there with the greatest war movies of all time. Unfortunately, I think because it's told from the German side, it will never get the recognition it truly deserves. Very sad, as it never glorifies Nazism. It's simply a tale of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances - which kinda sums up all wars.

Incredible film from an incredible director.

Reviewed byyenloVote: 9/10/10

When you go to a liquor store to buy Vodka you can purchase one of severalbrands or you can purchase Stoli. That's what Das Boot is when it comes toSubmarine films. You can watch any one of several or you can watch DasBoot.Like Stoli Vodka it's in a class by itself. Superb film either way you seeit i.e. subtitles or the dubbed version. See the directors cut if you can.The German crew could be any nationality the film is so well done itdoesn'tmatter.Andy Rooney once said that when you're in a war you live life at 100%.Theopening scene of this film demonstrates that. The men are living life at100%. I never saw any other war movie that captured that like Das Boot.

See the original 6 part epic rather than the filmReviewed byRick_TerminalVote: 10/10


8/10 for the cut version.

This is a superior war film, and I don't want to add to the reviews praising it. It's one of those films that will make you watch if only you can spare the ten minutes it takes for it to grip you.

Being British, I thought it impossible to feel sorry for the U-boat crews, especially after what they did to us - but this film forces you to realise that we are all fragile and emotional (despite what Hitler says).

I would recommend people watch the mini-s rather than the film (i.e. German subtitled version) to get the full flavor.

As a side note, my grandfather (twice decorated destroyer captain) burst in to tears watching this at two points: One was at Gibralta, the other on the straights :| Says a lot.

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