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All Good Things (2010)

All Good Things is a movie starring Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, and Frank Langella. Mr. David Marks was suspected but never tried for killing his wife Katie who disappeared in 1982, but the truth is eventually revealed.

IMDB: 6.34 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 101
  • IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 
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The Synopsis for All Good Things (2010) 720p

A love story and murder mystery based on the most notorious unsolved murder case in New York history. The original screenplay uses newly discovered facts, court records and speculation as the foundation for a story of family, obsession, love and loss.

The Director and Players for All Good Things (2010) 720p

[Director]Andrew Jarecki
[Role:]Lily Rabe
[Role:]Frank Langella
[Role:]Ryan Gosling
[Role:]Kirsten Dunst

The Reviews for All Good Things (2010) 720p

Reviewed byval broeksmitVote: 10/10/10

What a great, creepy story. This film falls under 'truth is strangerthan fiction' and slips right at the top of that genre. Best film ofthe year. Great acting, Excellent Direction.

Andrew Jarecki took a fascinating story and made it into a great film,slipping it just under your skin; where you may find it hard to scratchaway after viewing. All Good Things is an experience, its amazing howthis story comes to life through under the umbrella of Andrew Jareckiand his team.

Like Wynn Thomas, the production designer/Art Director who's team putus right smack into 70's New York. There is no question of where youare; all details between dirt and sky are early 70's like a Space/Timeblizzard came and left everything in Vanderbilt jeans, Hals ton Tops;covering Times Square in sleaze and tight tank tops for fat guys inpastel leisure suits. This is not the swinging Studio 56, 70's; but thecreepy, Times Square Porn theatres, Taxi Driver, Son of Sam, 70's; Darkand strange, where wealthy and powerful New Yorkers, Civil servants andLeisure suited Larrys' live under their own rules and law.

Like Marcus Hinchly and Marc Smerling, the writers who took a bigtwisted story one may have read in Vanity Fair on hot Southamptonsummer beach; unraveled into a clear and coherent, cliché' free film;strung together with clever dialogue and cleverly created a non-narrator, narration, through the POV of a court room character brief /testimony.

Frank Langella, who, with one look at an empty chair, early on in themovie, could have stolen the film outright , had it not been for forthe careful editing of David Rodenbloom and Shelby Seigel, underJarecki's umbrella; making sure the film, which is not about hischaracter, Sanford Marks, remains that way, true to the story.

Langella brings weight to every frame he's in; his charisma soapparent, it's not his fault really, that he commands every scene he'sin, stealing the viewer's attention from what may be going on in theframe. (see The Ninth Gate or Frost /Nixon) - "it's 39.50 each, thatincludes a very generous tip" -

The Father and son subtext; combined with the functional madness ofreal life Durst ({David Marks]) played by Ryan Gosling as you've neverseen him) is so very strange and un-nerving, it may make you shudderknowing that people like this exist all around you; everywhere you go,all the time.

Kristen Dunst, shows her range in this film. This is not your friendlySpiderman love interest, but a woman pushed emotionally to her frayedends, where, in one near silent dinner scene, she, with greatcountenance, shows us how she can move from a woman trying to salvagewhat she can from her relationship - to great disgust; sadness, fear,and hurt all on one look; all in reaction from a single line slung ather by Gosling's 'Durst'.

We watch as the light Kristen Dunst brings to every role she plays,drains away into the black hole of Durst (Gosling/Marks) until shebecomes a paranoid wreck; and rightfully so. Not every actress can dothis, we take her for granted as an actress, but in thanks to Jarecki'sdirection we get to see what a truly great actress can do.

Philip Baker Hall in the last third of the film is a treat to watch ashe plays a strange homoerotic vet who befriends Gosling who at thispoint, has succumbed to his madness, but like a functioning alcoholic.Gosling as Durst, plays/wears his aberrations as the straight man in atwisted comedy duo.

Kristen Wiig shines here, proving her talent stretches way past justcomedy straight into the world of excellent dramatic acting (be carefulyou may develop a crush on her) "eat your salad"

Jarecki shows us much, in All Good Things; the breakdown of a marriage,the strained relations of a father and son, wealth and its trapping,but more intriguingly, how a seemingly 'normal' man can hide thesociopathic madman inside, carefully, while unbeknownst to us, can livea functional and, again, subjectively 'normal' life. - In a world wherethere is a law (in Texas of course) where "improper disposal of a body"can get you a fine and/or 6 months in jail.

What you may find most terrifying is that these people are all aroundus, they shop where we shop, eat at the same restaurants wear the sameclothes; you've probably met a functional lunatic many times in yourlife. Although we may hide behind the great illusion and lie toourselves that they are few and far between; that all murders andmadmen eventually get caught and put far away from our children,friends and familys', yet Jarecki and his team show that this greatconceit of ours, is totally wrong, just another lie we tell ourselvesas we sign our lease's, leave our tips, show the bouncer our ID's, andrun around central park in the evenings to avoid the crowds.

All Good Things, Directed by Andrew Jarecki, shows this to us in a filmthat you may need to to see a few more times to get all the brilliantsubtleties, and top star acting.

Neither tension nor loveReviewed byhnj-909-959547Vote: 5/10

Lacks the tension you expect from a mystery. The individual actors are great, but the chemistry herein lacks. Also, the storyline opens up too many characters that it leaves undeveloped. It should cut the fodder and focus on one of the families.

The filming is too dark for much of the story. This becomes distracting. I thought there was something wrong with the theater's projector. I understand this affect, but for it to work it should be subtle.

There are better true-event movies out there that resolve into a great story. There are better romance-gone-bad tales. There are better movies with great scenery or sets. This is not one. Spend the evening watching one of those.

All Good Things Must Have Bad ThingsReviewed byterminatorjenkinsVote: 5/10

Here are the good and the bad things about the movie "All Good Things."

Good Thing: The actors came and did their thing adequately. Ryan Gosling is the stand out, like he is in most movies he partakes in. It's not that he's doing any grand emoting with the material, but he does go through the rigors of character transformation as the film progresses. Kristen Dunst does fine as well and Frank Langella, well, he is Frank Langella. Frank seems to be the same guy in most every movie he acts in. I'm not saying that as a bad thing though.

Bad Thing: The delivery of the plot is disjointed, all over the place. This is an Indie vibe movie, so no easy Hollywood A to B 1-2-3 structure. It felt like different movies in its separate acts at times. The main issue is probably the fact that it is based on a true story and there are so many stranger than fiction developments and points of interest that trying to capture real life can get messy when trying to also entertain.

Good Thing: I thought the movie was well shot, with a lot of night scenes, they handled the visuals in an interesting mood setting way. Many direct to video films with smaller budgets will have dark scenes be too dark, but "All Good Things" plays with the night artistically.

The End Of The Review Thing: this movie made me more interested in reading about the facts of the case and the people involved, but it did not draw me into the world created within the movie. It is worth a rent if you are a fan of the actors and can watch anything with them in it. I think Ryan Gosling has that old school movie star appeal.

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